Be my Valentine? Just kidding.

We have a little less than a month until the holiday all single women (and some people in relationships) despise: Valentines Day.

For me, I do not hate Valentines Day for the reason that I am single (well, really single), but I hate it because the concept of it is stupid. Sure, it is nice to get gifts and be shown you are somebody’s significant other, but there are 364 days out of the year for that. Why be cliche and all do it on one day? That is NOT ORIGINAL. 

I mean, I am single and have never dated a guy that was thriving in the romance department, so I wouldnt know romantic gestures if it slapped me in the face. 

But this leads me to my other thought: love. What is it?

All I have known is lust. My family is not one to stay in long-term marriages, and I guess I just don’t know what the true meaning of love is. When people say “I can only hope to have a love like my parents, grandparents, exc.” Well when I think of that, I honestly do not know who I want to have a love like. None of them stick out to me. (I feel like a horrible person for saying that.)

But, on the same side of that, it has made me be extremely scared to fall in love, to be vulnerable, or to give someone my everything. It scares the death out of me just thinking of finding someone and letting them in. The really scary thing about dating is you’re either going to marry that person, or you’re going to break up. Simple as that. 

I just need to stop piddling around, and settling for less than I deserve. That goes to all of you out there, guys and girls. We are worth more than just a part of someones time. If they aren’t as completely emotionally involved as you, then it is not worth you time. Thats all for today. That’s all I have got. I am just going to cut up an apple now. (Its healthier than Dippin’ Dots unfortunately).


–xoxo, Brooke


4 thoughts on “Be my Valentine? Just kidding.

  1. Kyla Berry says:

    First of all, “I am just going to cut up an apple now.” -Nice closing, hahaha.
    Second of all, “We accept the love we think we deserve.” -Love that quote!
    Third of all, Read my blog “Impress the Naples Native” -It will give you some ideas for Valentine’s Day activities.

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