Finally Got That Workspace

Here I am, procrastinating again.

In the next two weeks I have to get this done:

  1. 2 Page Reflection on my table at the Parent Education Fair
  2. 2 Page Reflection on my lesson plan I implemented
  3. 5 Page Policy on Child Welfare paper
  4. 5 Page Philosophy Statement
  5. 10 Powerpoint slides that connects my learning with state standards
  6. Anecdote on an event that happened in my lab
  7. 10 minute presentation

So obviously I need a better place to get things done rather than sitting on my bed. I am extremely proud of how it turned out and I just wanted to share it with you all! 12928237_10154080386848571_6765655797781477979_n.jpg

Your’re Okay Picture / Flower Picture / Aztec Pillow (on sale!!!)

(Don’t pay attention to my half dead flowers. That bouquet did not hold up very well.)

I did, however, get almost everything from Target! My desk and chair came from my beloved Amazon, but everything else was from there! I will link them below the picture!


Hedgehog Figurine

I also got this party hedgehog decorative figurine, just because. I feel like it really made my desk!

Target has a line out right now called “Oh Joy!” and it is where I got my pictures and hedgehog! So many cute decorative things online right now. You have to go check it out!

Until next time! xo



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