New Apartment!

So I recently moved into a new apartment and I really wanted to vamp up my decor and my living space. I got really lucky and moved into the next building over, so moving was not that big of a hassle! Unfortunately I lost my golf course view and balcony, but my one bedroom is in the perfect location that is perfectly lit during the night. 
I have been getting a lot of questions about my decor so I figured I wold just do a blog post on it so you guys can see where I got everything! 





I was really hesitant when putting all of this together because I did not know how it would turn out. But it actually turned out super cute in my opinion!  I got most of this for a steal! Linked below are the products!
This couch is from amazon, and is actually a sofa bed (which I found out when I started assembling it) You can find it here!! 
I am obsessed with this coffee table! Also from Amazon!
This mirror was such a steal!!! I got it at Hobby Lobby for only $100 (originally $499!) It is not online, but I did look into getting this one that is only $180!  Also, shoutout to Nicole for helping me get that massive mirror put up!
These pillows are SO CUTE! I saw them at target a few months back and absolutely loved them, but at the time I had zero place to put them. Thankfully I went to my Big’s house, and she just got hers but ended up not wanting them  anymore, so I bought them from her for such a steal. These pillows are incredibly adorable! They are actually out of stock but there are similar ones here!
I got the cute little picture above the side table at Target as well! So cute and I have a lot of stuff from the Oh Joy! collection. You can find it and a lot more here ( and its on sale!).
My favorite thing from my living room is this amazing rug. I got it from My friend Paige told me about this website and I will never buy another rug anywhere else. I havent seen better prices anywhere! (The size I got is the 5’5 x 8’2ft) You can get it here!
Also, I got that blue candle on my coffee table from Leaning Willow and it smells AMAZING! GO check them out on Instagram/Facebook or in store! And Whole Foods flowers are the best!!
All of my small decorations came from TJ Maxx! 🙂 Pineapple Book Ends here! And these super cool but kinda weird hands here!
If yall have any questions just ask! 



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